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If your horse never loses...

you’ll never know what its like to win

8/26/05 05:34 pm - Wow...!

Wow I havent updated in a while, well I have been on Myspace, which no offense I think is kinda better, but I will update this, at least I think I will. Check out my Myspace!! www.myspace.com/twizzlerssss right now im waiting for Kellie to come back online, so I can figure out if we are going to the taste, but I doubt we are!!! UGH!

8/14/05 07:35 pm - Random...

Well Emma and I were looking around online and we found more sites for those thingys that I got from Andria, so we decided to put another one on here...

List 10 people you have hung out with this summer

1. Emma
2. Andria
3. DJ
4. Naomi
5. Crystal
6. Shelby
7. Liam
8. Anna
9. Sydney
10. Becca

Where did you go with 8 this summer?
- Her house... theres nothing to do in Blandford!

Does 2 have any special characteristics?
- She is very very good at making people laugh over nothing!

How many times have you been in a fight with 4?
- I think maybe once...?

Where does 5 live?
- Worthington

How many times have you slept over 9's house?
- None... she lives in Virginia

Do you think 3 is pretty/hott?
- YES!! Hes wicked hott, and he has a gorgeoussssss tan!

Have you known 1 the shortest?
- Yeap and shes the bestest!

Does 6 play any instruments?
- Not that I know of... she aint that skilled! LMAO

Does 10 own any animals?
- I know she has 3 horses... and chickens, cats, and dogs

What is 4's middle name?
- Not sure...

What is 2's favorite song?
- Any from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory!

Does 7 have a girlfriend/boyfriend/crush?
- Most likely... I dont know

8/12/05 10:22 pm - Camp (the rest)

Well camp sadly ended today... I wish it didnt! Well anyway im guna start where I left off on...

Wednesday- I was really sore from the fall, but I rode A.R. in the morning and in the afternoon. On the morning we did some jumping but it was sooooo fricken hot again! But he didnt launch me... at first we werent doing too good because of the fall, but after a couple times we got back into the rythem. At lunch of course like everyday everyone laughed there asses off and ate mostly candy and chips... courtesy of our riding coach! After we ate and we rode again we worked on doing dressage, which with A.R. is hard because he doesnt like to collect and when we go around corners he tends to extend too much. When we finished we was deffinatley listening and was acting like he wanted to jump... so I was like fine go ahead. He now jumps non-exsistent objects in his stall!

Thursday- Again I rode A.R. for morning and afternoon. He was soo good at jumping. My mom was gunna stay but decided to leave like 5 minutes before we started to jump. Emma was watching us really good to see if he jumped way over them. And of course he did. So now she calls him Showjumper and when we cheer for eachother Emma always yells "Go Ashley and Showjumper!" Lunch was as same as always... except for Emma, Sydney, Becca (who came for only 2 days) and Shebly decided to put salt and pepper in my soda and try to make me drink it. I was gunna but when I smelt it I started coughing, but you had to be there to find it funny. Then when we were throwing our plates and stuff away Emma was walking in front of me and I took the crusts from my sandwhich and put it down the back of her shirt, her reaction was sooo fricken funny! So she ended up going behind me and trying to stick them in my ears. In the afternoon we rode bareback... just getting used to it, no trotting. We did the emergencey dismount and when I went to get of A.R. he decided to role right when I got off. Liz brought me home and Sydney basically invited herself over she asked if she could come over and I was like no, because im doing something. So she asked Liz and she said it was fine im like okay whatever even though I said im doing stuff. Then she asked if she could sleep over and im like no because im doig stuff!!!! So when we brought her back to Liz's she went inside and came back out with her stuff and im like OMG, I cant believe this fricken moron! So the night went on as I got pissed off...

Friday- Last day... I rode A.R. morning and afternoon. My mom was gunna video tape me riding but fricken Norman didnt charge the camera and that really pissed me off! So she accually got to see me jump but he didnt do his normal 3 feet over it. But we did alot of jumping and Sydney wouldnt stop complaining that she couldnt canter! She thinks walking over a ground pole is considered jumping! I DONT THINK SO! I mean she cant even get the horse to trot and she think she can canter?!?!?! Shelby came at the end of the morning because she wasnt feeling good... so Emma and I hung out most. Lunch was crazy again, gummy bears and m+m's I kept stealing Emma's gummy bears. When we rode again I was supposed to ride Nifty but Sydney was too much of a baby to try A.R. so in our lesson we first rode without stirrups and trotted and jumped. Then Liz said we could take off our saddles but I didnt and Sydney copied me and didnt! Liz let me jump pretty high on him at the canter and it was sooo awesome!! At the end no one wanted to get off, I still wish camp wasnt over!!! :(

Friday night- Anyway after camp I went to Shelby's and Emma's mom picked us up along with Emma's horse Romeo. My mom picked us both up at like 7:00 and we went to some tack shop. Now me and Emma are talking about Sydney and how she wouldnt stop complaining and were watching the videos that her mom recorder of camp! Yes!

8/9/05 07:58 pm - Camp II

Camp again was sooo fricken awsome! Sydney, Shelbey, Emma, and I are all good friends now, thank god. When I got there me and Sydney cleaned our 2 stalls together and all 4 of us tacked... Shelbey and Emma were riding english for the first time so Liz had to help them with tack. In our lesson we did mainly walk and trot work. Then we got to jump. A.R. was taking the jumps and launching me. He took off like 6 feet before the jump and I wasnt ready so that was a bad jump... the others that followed were ok but not like yesterday. At lunch we were all laughing our asses off and Liz helped us ajust our helmets... then it was back out to riding. A.R. behaved perfect! We did alot of jumping... each time one person went the other 3 were cheering and clapping for jumping. Liz set up a fence and a pole like 9 feet in front of it and she was only letting me and Emma canter over it... I dont know why the other girls couldnt...? I went first and I didnt get him to canter so I went again. Coming around the corner I made a kissing sound (because thats how I learned to get the horse to canter) He didnt just break into the canter he went straight all the way into a full gallop! And he made the first pole but swerved off to the side and I lost one of my stirrups... he swerved back and I lost the other one... then he swerved for the last time and I lost the horse... I was falling to the ground... YAY ASHLEY! Falling off a 16.2 hand Standbred at the gallop isnt fun at all! I landed on my side and knees... My ass hurts sooo bad now. But anyway everyone was like OMG are you okay?!?!?! They were so nervous. I was only really worried about A.R. once I stood up he was standing about 3 feet away from me already eating grass. Once I got back on I was shaking really bad. Liz wanted me to go over it until we got it. The 3 other girls were still cheering and it was like a real event where you fall off and when u remount everyone claps... thats what they did. But I let him walk over both first and he was kinda nervous... well so was I. But then we trotted and he got it so we ended it there. But I was sooo fricken scared when I was falling the nervs made me yell "Im a flying squirrel!" It was sooo random but who cares... Tomorrow we are jumping bareback and now im not really sure I wanna do that but Liz said never make a kiss sound because he knows how to go... well im out like a Yankee in Feneway!

8/8/05 08:36 pm - Show dates...

Andria these are the shows that I have for September...

Blandford Fair- Sept. 3
King Oak Horse trials- Sept. 10+11

umm... I dont know of any others right now...

8/8/05 07:18 pm - Camp!!

Jeeze! Camp is sooo fricken the best! I got put into a kids group... thanks god! I got there and hung out with Sydney... since Shelbey and Emma decided to hate us before anything. So we talked about what was going on that day and we watched a movie about horses for a little while. Then we went out and groomed and tacked our horseys... I rode Clarence and Sydney rode A.R. They were both okay I guess but Clarence didnt want to get going and A.R. wouldnt stop. So Liz gave me my whip then he didnt wanna stop. But after we rode we ate lunch. Talked about mainly everything horse... then we were going riding again. Me and Sydney talked to Liz about switching horses and she said we could ride who ever we wanted. I choose A.R. since I like fast horses and Sydney choose Nifty. It was sooo fricken fun. A.R. did everything I said and at the end of the lesson we got to jump. Over just a small caveletti about maybe 12" but she was having us trot over them. But A.R. (I didnt know he jumped) wouldnt trot over them... he accually jumped them. Then on our last time... like 4 strides before the fences he decided to canter (Since he is a Standardbred he doesnt really canter alot...) and he seriously jumped over it like 3' high!!! I never thought he would jump that, since he is 25! But I cant wait until I can jump him tomorrow... Liz told me that she is going to set up a verticle for me about 2'9" and that is gunna be sooo fricken awesome!!! Well im out!

8/7/05 10:16 pm

Today was soooo awesome!!! Saratoga fricken rocks ass! Me and Lindsey got there at like 8:30 and walked around for a while. Visited the horses and found Pride's sister. Her name is Blue Eye aka Blue. She is such a beautful horse! Anyway we watched her race... sadly she didint win but she came in second! It was sooo fun meeting her owner she told us more about her and what Pride was like when he was little. After out talk and lunch we went onto the track... we were allowed to after the races were over. We and Lindsey walked it like 4 times... it was sooo awesome. Even though my legs hurt reallllllly badly! But we left around 3:00. I had to be at Liz's for 7:15 for a camp thingy. It was like were we meet everyone and went over directions. But I got assigned Clarence... at least Nifty isnt being used! Thank god... Well im going to bed because I have to get up at 6:00 and be there at 7:00 to set up jumps and all that good stuff!

8/6/05 11:08 pm - Wildfire

Today was soooo fricken cool! My riding team was looking for a new horse today and we bought him. Well he is mainly for me, but hes the teams. His name is Wildfire and he is a 16.3 Hanoverian gelding. He doesnt live up to his name at all, he is sooo calm and sweet! Well he kinda does have a wild sprit but not when riding him. He is a very dark bay so i'd say black but he is an amazing horse. Wonderful jumper! I cant wait until tomorrow... SARATOGA!! Me and Lindsey are going tomorrow and its gunna be so off the hook!

8/5/05 10:33 pm

OMG! Today I had the biggest urge to blow bubbles. It happened right when I was riding my horse. So I got off right then and there and went and got bubble blowing stuff and was blowing bubbles when I was riding! It was sooooo damn funny!!! At least I was only walking!! Thats it for now I guess!

8/4/05 09:13 pm - I hate my life!!!!

Ok today was officially the worst day of my life! Ok I called DJ... hoping I had the wrong number or no one was home... This is how the conversation went:

Ashley: Hi, is DJ there?
Mrs.Moltenbrey: Yup, just a minute
DJ: Hello?
Ashley: Hi, yeah your probably gunna kill me for calling you but this is Ashley from Otis...
DJ: (says nothing)
Ashley: You know Iggy...?
DJ: Oh
Ashley: I really have to talk to you about... ugh whenever I was in Otis last!
DJ: Ok
Ashley: Do you have a screename?
DJ: No
Ashley: I thought you did... when I was giving Andria mine Cory asked if you had one and you said yes who doesnt?
DJ: (talking to Meghan in backround)
DJ: What?
Ashley: (says the whole thing over)
DJ: (says to Meghan in the backround "Ashley... from Otis"
Meghan: (says to DJ in backorund "Why is SHE calling?"
DJ: Uhhh, I gotta go
Ashley: Yeap! (click)

So now I cant call him without his slutty hoe bag sister Meghan there, because she'll kill me and now I dont know of anyway to get ahold of DJ! And its rare when im in Otis because Andria and Naomi are always busy and so am I. I think im gunna have someone call him but I dont know who. Andria and Naomi arent friends with him I dont think... but I know they wont. So I dont know what to do about him!
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